Rendezvous Bistro


Our dining room is open with health and safety procedures in place. We look forward to welcoming you into our restaurant home!


  • The Idea for Rendezvous Bistro

    "We knew we weren't recreating the wheel with our concept and our menu, but we wanted to make the wheel uniquely ours." - Roger Freedman 

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  • When Gavin Met Roger

    “When I first saw Gavin I saw this kid with yellow hair walk into the Snake River Grill and I thought, ‘who is this punk?!’ Only a couple weeks later Gavin was challenging me to be better and inspiring me in my own work.” – Roger Freedman

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  • Rendezvous Bistro 15th Anniversary - A Celebration of Food, Drink and Community

    After opening in 2001, we will celebrate our 15th anniversary this July with a series of food-focused events leading up to a large community party open and free to all. 

    Learn about the events here.

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  • Familiar Faces: Nikki

    In our Familiar Faces features, we are proud to shine a light on some of the veteran servers that have helped make The Bistro your home away from home for over 14 years. Today, we invite you to learn more about Nikki.

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  • Cured by Knowledge (and a lot of love)

    If you’ve been to The Bistro lately, you’ll notice a new focus on the appetizer side of the menu. Led by Chef Joel Tate, we’ve taken a house-cured turn, preparing meats ourselves to grace charcuterie boards and stand alone as appetizers

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  • A Jackson Hole evening at the James Beard House

    Working in partnership with Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s chefs Wes Hamilton and Dave Erlanson, Rendezvous Bistro Executive Chef Joel Tate, Fine Dining Restaurant Group Executive Chef Roger Freedman, Executive Pastry Chef Chad Horton and Gavin Fine presented a delectable seven-course menu at the famed James Beard House on October 2.

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